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Visitor Management

The fastest most reliable visitor management solution on the planet

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Visitor Management Overview

Managing visitors in your school can now be a seamless and speedy process, with our market leading visitor management system. Visitors are presented with an easy to use state-of-the art touch screen that significantly speeds up the signing in process.

It means you can track the whereabouts of visitors in your school and accurately record visitors entering or leaving your site. It provides site access in a way that safeguards those who are in your school and completely removes the need for paper-based visitor books.

Visitor Management Features

  • Touchscreen

    The 19 inch InVentry touchscreen is clear and intuitive and has been specifically designed for usage in high volume areas, making it simple to welcome and sign in visitors.

  • Badge Printing

    Instant badge printing means visitors are always clearly identifiable and with the built-in badge designer you can easily customise the look and feel of your badges.

  • DBS Checker

    Ensure visitors provide their DBS information when signing in which is recorded back to your central record for future visits and is included on their visitor badges.

  • Acceptance Policies

    Ensure that visitors agree to any terms and conditions including health and safety and evacuation procedures as part of the signing in process.

  • Integrated Webcam

    The integrated webcam allows visitors to take their photo for ID badges and can be used for facial recognition for up to 60 days for more frequent visitors.

  • Visitor Memory

    The clever InVentry visitor management database remembers all your previous visitors to give returning visitors a swift and seamless experience.

  • Staff Notifications

    When a visitor arrives onsite an instant notification is sent via SMS or email to the person they are visiting.

  • Events Management

    Create events that allow you to pre-book visitors into school events such as parents evenings or governor meetings.

What our customers say about our visitor management…

"Visitors to the school are impressed by the quality and professionalism of the ID badges and staff know instantly whether the visitor has been CRB checked."

Dalton School Small Dalton School Junior, Infant & Nursery

"We love the ability to pre-book visitors and email them an invitation – this has drastically improved the flow of visitors in our reception area."

Congleton High School

"All regular visitors can be added to the system with their DBS details. It provides foolproof, up to date reports on those visiting and attending the school."

Bolton Brow Primary School