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Optional mobile worker

Mobile worker overview

North Time Pro provides an extremely effective method of tracking remote workers by utilising mobile based technology.

With the recent surge in mobile device usage over recent years, it’s safe to say that most people will have a mobile phone capable of running apps. We’ve taken this in mind when we designed the mobile worker. Employees can download an app directly from the iOS (app store) or Android (play store) for free and connect directly on to your North Time Pro. From here, employees are able to ‘clock in’ remotely and managers view where these bookings were made.

Booking Location

The mobile worker feature within North Time Pro enables a manager to check an individual’s location where his attendance booking was made. Utilising a mobile devices GPS signal, it tracks exactly where in the employee ‘clocked in’ and displays them on a map interface within the software. All the locations are stored within the North Time Pro database so you can reference them in the future.

Remote attendance bookings

After being a much requested feature for many years, employees who otherwise are not able to access the standard North Time Pro attendance terminals are now capable of ‘clocking in’ from anywhere in the world!

Using cloud based technology, the employee can at the click of a button book in/out on their attendance which will then be able to be viewed on the software as if made from an attendance terminal.

With a low-cost extremely competitive yearly maintenance charge, the North Time Pro mobile worker module is sure to provide an affordable solution for businesses looking for effective ways to monitor attendance of remote workers.