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Job Costing

Monitoring costs on the shop floor have been made simpler with the introduction of North Time Pro’s® integrated job costing module.

Not only does North Time Pro allow costing by job, but it also gives you the flexibility of costing by department, individual employee and specific operation. By using the performance comparison reports, you can check on the effectiveness of your employees and highlight areas for improvement.

Logging job details couldn’t be easier. An employee simply presses the clearly marked ‘job start’ or ‘job stop’ function buttons on the data collection terminal and follows a series of simple on screen requests such as ‘Job code’, or ‘Operation code’. The touch-screen keypad may be used although an increasing number of businesses chose to use barcode scanners for increased efficiency.

The data collected by the terminal is passed directly to the North Time Pro software making it instantly available for reports and enquiries. With clear identification for each job and operation, North Time Pro lets you drill down to the exact layer of information you need, making it easy to compare performance and address areas where productivity can be improved.

The North Time Pro terminals run bespoke scripts designed specifically around your business needs, ensuring that the solution provided is perfect for you.

Supported barcode types (external hand held scanner) include:

Interleaved 2 of 5
Code 2 of 5
Code 93
Code 11
Code 128