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Asset management

The North Time Pro asset management module allows you to keep track of ‘things of value’ to your company.  These things may be as diverse as work boots, laptops, mobile phones and fork-lift trucks!

Designed initially to provide a method of keeping track of personal protection equipment, the module rapidly expanded to include other items including mobile phones and IT equipment. The module is not just limited to personal items.  It has been developed to include tangible assets such as company vehicles,  fork-lift trucks and even items such as boilers and air-conditioning units.  The module allows you to store maintenance records and even asset disposal information.

Personnel Protection Equipment (PPE)
The North Time Pro asset management module includes a section for staff PPE.  It is now possible to record the type of equipment issued to each employee along with key information such as date of issue, size, cost, supplier and expiration date.  Managers can see an overview of PPE issued using a new dashboard and if an employee should leave, a list of ‘assets’ to be returned is available through a new option within the personnel module.

Other system asset types include:

  • Mobile phone
  • IT equipment
  • Vehicles




An exciting new hardware product which utilises the asset management module is the weatherproof asset controller reader, and the asset controller.  These items can be connected to any piece of machinery and will not allow the machinery to be used until the operator has proved who they are through the biometric or proximity card reader feature.  North Time Pro will then check to see if the operator has the correct, valid qualifications to use the machinery and only then will the asset controller enable the machine to start.