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Absence Management

How can North Time Pro absence management help my business?

Tracking holiday entitlement, managing holiday schedules and monitoring absenteeism are the three essential factors that make up North Time Pro absence management.

It is now possible to create absence entitlement policies that define the number of days holiday based on years service from any date. You can specify the amount of time that may be carried forward from one year to the next and even award entitlement credits for additional holidays. All absence management amendments must be approved and finalised for secure auditing.

What would happen if all the fork-lift drivers were on holiday at the same time? Or the first aiders? or the staff qualified to complete key tasks in the workplace? North Time Pro absence management enables line managers to view holiday plans before authorising an absence booking. North Time Pro also keeps track of the types of absenteeism in the workplace as well as monitoring the holidays taken and days booked in advanced.

  • Comprehensive absence and holiday booking screens ensure that the required information has been entered correctly.
  • Compatible with Bradford Factor methodology.
  • Detailed statistical information is available while booking absences, this will allow you to keep good staffing levels and ensure that employees cannot take more than their yearly entitlement.
  • North Time Pro automatically renews each person’s absence entitlements every year, taking into account any days carried forward from the previous absence year and can even award additional time due to a person’s years service.
  • Create absence entitlement policies with special rules for new starters and long serving employees.
  • Enhanced tactical absence analysis.