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Quadient DS-35 low volume

Neopost DS-35 low volume

Your Friendly Folding Assistant - Whatever kind of business you’re in, if you send even a few hundred items of mail each month you could really benefit from having a folder inserter. From invoices to promotions, a folder inserter is just the job to precisely and professionally fold, insert and seal your mail items at the touch of a button. The Quadient DS-35 folder inserter is the ideal candidate for the job. Extremely user friendly, the DS-35 can free up valuable staff time to get on with more productive and profitable tasks, as well as bringing all these benefits to your business:-

  • Process 1,350 items of mail an hour – 13 times faster than a member of staff can
  • Help you make the most of the lowest Royal Mail rates by folding A4 items to fit into C5 or DL envelopes
  • Boost sales by automatically adding offers and promotional materials into mail
  • Easy operation via a full colour touch screen, plus 15 memory settings for quick and set up and operation

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