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COVID-19 Features

InVentry's features to help businesses and schools become COVID secure

Health Declaration - COVID-19 feature

During the outbreak of COVID-19, we’ve been working hard developing new features to help our customers upon their return to work and the re-opening of schools. All of these features will help businesses and schools alike, remain compliant to the 2m social distancing rules, help keep COVID-19 out of the workplace and so become more COVID secure.

Health Declaration

This feature sends staff members a Health Declaration at the beginning of each day for them to confirm that they are not displaying symptoms of COVID-19. If they are showing symptoms, they will not be granted access to the building and it will be reported to the health and safety officer at your school or business.

How does it work?

  • Send all staff members a daily requirement to respond to a customisable health declaration before coming on site.

  • Remove door access from any staff members who are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 (with our Paxton Door Access Integration)

  • Temporarily suspend the accounts of those staff members that don’t pass the Health Declaration, preventing them from signing in using InVentry.

  • Automatically send responses to your Health and Safety Officer

    Capacity Management - COVID-19 feature

    Capacity Management

    When returning to work after COVID-19 and having to keep the recommended 2m distance, it is understandable that the number of people in the office will naturally have to decrease. Our Capacity Management feature helps you see how many people are in the building and manage if it’s the correct amount or not.

    How does it work?

    • Set the total capacity levels for individual visitors and personnel

    • Email notifications detailing when capacity levels have been met, breached and back to acceptable levels

    • Gives you the ability to manage capacity levels to work towards being a COVID secure workplace.

    Host Ready Notifications - COVID-19 feature

    Host Ready Notifications

    Host Ready Notifications are a new feature from InVentry which allows you to manage the number of visitors in reception. The visitor is pre-booked by the host, then on the day they’re due to arrive, they will receive an email with instructions of what to do to be able to enter the site.

    How does it work?

    • Visitors can only enter the building when the host confirms it is safe for them to do so

    • You can manage the number of visitors in your reception area

    • Visitors can stay safe outside the building (in their car for example)