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Mercury is a European contractor. We build and manage complex engineering projects that reimagine how people work and live in the built environment. As a contractor working across over ten countries with a staff and supply-chain of over 4,500, Mercury required reliable technical assistance and a provider with the flexibility and skills to mould the solution around our complex multi-site requirements.

Following successful meetings, Mercury made a strategic decision to instruct North Time & Data (NTD) to take over the running of our Time Management Solution at a large technology project site in Co. Kildare, Ireland.

Following this, there was a list of requirements and information that Mercury required be retrieved from the time system. NTD was able to produce all the information required and write bespoke scripts to provide this information in automated CSV formats. At Mercury, we use SAP for all back- end payroll processing. We had a requirement for a bespoke payroll export that required daily totals of hours to be extracted for each employee and then imported directly to our SAP system. This has saved a significant amount of time previously spent manually entering hours.

Given the success of the initial site in Ireland, the relationship between Mercury and North Time & Data has developed significantly with North Time Pro’s workforce management solutions and biometric clocking terminals now being utilised on numerous large projects across Ireland and continental Europe. These sites include Ireland, Denmark, Poland, Spain & Germany. All information is sent back to a single, central server for data processing.

Over the years, our North Time Pro software has been updated and NTD has assisted Mercury in transitioning from Handpunch clocking terminals to the new range of contactless biometric facial recognition clocking terminals.

Mercury thoroughly recommends North Time & Data as a company and the North Time Pro Workforce management software coupled with the varied range of biometric clocking terminals makes the overall solution an extremely flexible and robust business solution.

Deirdre Gardiner
Office Manager, Mercury Engineering