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Bob & Berts

NTD (North Time & Data Ltd) have successfully installed 14 state of the art facial recognition attendance terminals for the Artisan Coffee chain Bob & Berts Ltd.

In order to accurately control the ever increasing employee costs, North Time & Data were approached to supply a robust time management solution that would accurately record employee attendance and provide the management reports required to accurately monitor time management throughout the company.

With locations throughout Northern Ireland, Bob & Bert’s required the backup support from an established time management solutions provider. Not only remote support but local engineers on the ground were a vital requirement for the Bob & Bert’s team. With exciting plans for further expansion throughout Northern Ireland and the UK, Bob and Bert’s required a scalable solution that would fit in with their rapid development plans. For this reason they decided to opt for a cloud hosted server solution. This meant that the server was hosted on the internet and area management staff would log in to the server via a desktop connection in order to access the system. The attendance terminals at each location are connected to the router at each store locations and talk back to the cloud hosted server.

Delighted with the success of the implementation and roll out across all stores, Operations Manager, Rebekah Phelan added ”It is so simple for staff to register attendance. They stand and face the terminal and in less than a second the terminal successfully registers the attendance”. The simplicity was hard to believe until you see it in action. The system has allowed us to accurately manage employee attendance and control wages costs.”

The system has now been developed to not only register employee attendance but is now also used to control access to secure areas. Employees that are permitted access to the secure area use their face to release the door and gain access. This method of access means staff that leave the business do not require cards or key fobs to be deactivated or lost items having to be replaced.

Rebekah added ”we will be looking at some future development of the North Time Pro system into other areas of our business such as payroll integration and automatic email of management reports in the near future.”

The team at NTD have been extremely effective and efficient in the response and resolution to any queries that have arisen. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any business that is interested in a workforce management solution.

David Ferguson
Company Directorm Bob & Bert’s Ltd