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Lone worker

lone worker overview

North Time Pro 2015 provides an extremely effective method of tracking lone workers by utilising GPS based ‘Bubbletracker’ technology.

Information collected by the lone worker module enables managers to see exactly where someone is, and precisely when they started work.

Location tracking

Bubbletracker technology is the size of a matchbox and can be carried by an individual or fitted directly to their vehicle.  Utilising 3G and GPS technology, the Bubbletracker device reports its exact global position to a cloud-based server every five minutes, providing  an extremely accurate map of the route taken on any particular day.  North Time Pro regularly accesses the Bubbletracker server to download this information and integrates it within its own SQL database.

The lone worker feature within North Time Pro 2016 enables a manager to check an individual’s exact location without the need to contact the person.  Start times, routes taken and arrival times are now visible from within the North Time Pro application.  A great new management feature is the ability to view multiple staff positions on the screen at one time, allowing a manager to easily decide which individual is closest to a location, say in the event of a sales or maintenance call.

Remote attendance bookings

What makes the lone worker feature even more exciting is the facility for individuals to ‘book remotely’.  Now for the first time, staff that are not physically present at the location of the attendance terminals can easily clock in and out by using a button on the bubble tracker device.  When pressed, a vibrate alert informs the individual that they have ‘booked’ and within seconds the attendance record is created within North Time Pro.  What makes this record slightly different is that it also carries a ‘location stamp’ enables managers to see the individuals exact location for that booking time.

With both a low-cost initial purchase price for the Bubbletracker device and an extremely competitive yearly ‘airtime’ rental charge, the North Time Pro lone worker module with bubble tracker is sure to provide an affordable solution for businesses looking for effective ways of tracking drivers, sales staff and maintenance crews.