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North Time Pro (formerly known as timeware® in Northern Ireland) is recognised as one of the leading systems for workforce time management solutions. Incorporating human resources with employee self-service facilities, attendance, absence management, job costing and fire roll-call systems, the North Time Pro name is synonymous with reliability and innovation.

ESS Biometric and/or Proximity Terminal

ESS Terminal

North Time Pro touchscreen terminal


5,250 employee capacity
9,500 archive record capacity


Network connection: RJ45 (10/100)


Business in / business out
Holiday entitlement request
Hours worked request
Email Me!
Manual end of schedule
Manual break button
Manual schedule selection
Bell ringing or door release (driven by relay)

Additional Touchscreen Features

Easy bookings and cancelations
Bespoke theme and setup

401 Facial Recognition

IFace recognition terminal

The VF 401 Facial Recognition terminal is equipped with the latest facial identification algorithm, it captures the relative position, size and shape of user’s eyes, nose, cheekbones and jaw features. These feature templates are used to match feature data when users register on the terminal, converting the captured features into value and comparing these to eliminate variance. Its high-definition infrared camera enables identification even in dark environments and failing that your employees can also enter a password for identification.

Hand Scan


The Hand Scan is a biometric Time and Attendance Terminal. The Hand Scan records and stores the three-dimensional shape of the human hand for comparison and identity verification. Upon verification, the Hand Scan records the time, date, user ID number, and collected time and attendance data for collection by a host computer. The Hand Scan provides proof-positive employee identification combined with the sophisticated operating features one expects in a modern Time and Attendance Terminal. Because of this unique combination of capabilities, the Hand Scan provides accurate Time and Attendance data collection terminal available.


Proximity Clock

The ZK Proximity terminal is incorporated proximity reader and 3’5 TFT display and RFID reader. Easy to install, and with a modern design, it is the perfect solution for small and middle installations. The colour TFT display offers users easy menu management. It will be able to connect to the North Time Pro software by Ethernet or USB port, and also operate on standalone mode, downloading data by USB pen drive.