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Simply Scrumptious

Before we got the new North Time Pro software we were using the old slow manual punch clocks.  This was becoming a hassle  as all the cards had to be collected and then Saturday evening was spent counting up the hours for the payroll.

We were looking for an easier solution and luckily we had a call from North Time & Data. 

The friendly sales staff were able to help find me the right clock that suited our business and for us that was the hand punch.  This eliminated the use of clocking cards and removed the issues of employees clocking for eachother.

The new software is just fantastic and makes it easy for us to calculate all the hours for our payroll as the software does it automatically.  With the new software, the support team at NTD has been extremely helpful all the way through installation, including making the software suit our business needs. 

One Saturday I had a query and feared that as it was out of normal business hours I would have to wait until Monday.  However, after I left a message I had 2 technicians call me back within the hour and helped my to solve the problem.

I am saving money using this new software as I no longer have to purchase clock cards and as the software automatically calculates time for the payroll it leaves my Saturday evenings free.

The North Time Pro Software is so helpful that I feel every business would benefit from it.


Simply Scrumptious