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Kingspan Environmental & Renewables Ltd

Kingspan Environmental and Renewables Ltd is a division of Kingspan Group PLC a global manufacturer of construction related materials.  North Time Pro was first installed in 2004 and has subsequently been implemented across a number of our businesses in the UK and Ireland. 

To date North Time Pro is used in 8 locations all accessing a single virtualised North Time Pro server in a data centre.  Kingspan use North Time Pro for attendance, absence management and access control with a mixture of hand scanner and key fob terminals.  With upwards for 70 operators and approximately 800 employees, North Time Pro can cope with our sophisticated shift patterns and our multiple company environments.  Future developments will see us extend North Time Pro into more locations, integrate with our patrol application and develop our use of the HR features.

Richard Gray

Systems and IT Manager

Kingspan Environmental & Renewables Ltd